Friday, August 30, 2013

Teenage Mermaid

From Rookie

  So I recently dyed my hair pink again, but also added an ombre (ugh, I hate that word) to fade into purple and blue. It didn't turn out quite how I like but it turned out well enough! I feel like a mermaid when I put flower clips in my hair because my hair's gotten longer and it's all rainbow-y sort of and I just love it like crazy. So come take a look at the pictures that inspired me this week! (and some of my face cause I like to take iPod selfies)
Hi I got this snake earring off amazon for 67 CENTS!

Today's theme was Beatles! I love my pins, especially the sparkly Yellow Submarine one.

Blurry iPod shot! my John, Paul, George, & Ringo shirt and new high-waisted Forever 21 sailor shorts!

Marbled Milk by Aaryn West.

Redrock Canyon, Kern County, National Geographic, 1942; via Endless Me.

Via Born to Be Wild; orignal source unknown.
Lake Retba on Cap-Vert in Senegal, via
Photo by Basma Chidiac.

Okay yeah but other than that school sucks and I'm in gym class right now and I want to go home. Have a groovy day peoples

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Holiday Road.

  This summer, I wanted to take a road trip. Now this isn't exactly possible when you don't have your license, and neither do any of your friends. I went to New Hampshire this past weekend and I suppose the two hour drive is as close to a road trip as I'll get. It was for a family reunion-type event, which I guess is better than sitting home on my ass all day. But still, I couldn't help but wish I was on an actual road trip, the summer sun beating down on my camper as I traveled across the country. A girl can only dream. Here are a few shots of my dog and the family. Take a wild guess which one is me.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Breeze, Makes Me Feel Fine, Blowing Through the Jasmine in My Mind.

  This summer, I've hardly been doing anything. I get up and either go to work or lounge around the house. But I suppose I'm enjoying my time relaxing and lazing. I'd rather be doing what I want than forcing myself to go to some camp or something of that nature. I've been inspired by psychedelic feels all summer long, and I tried acid (let's not jump to conclusions and judge me I know it was a stupid idea for someone of my age and even though I regret most of it the trip was actually one of the coolest things I've done in my entire life even thought it was NOTHING like what all those hippies were mumbling about) and have been enjoying the summer sun as well as every other aspect of nostalgia. So far, this summer seems pleasantly calm. This is really more of a pointless post but I thought you all might care somehow so yay playlist xoxox

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Sun, Something's Begun

Jefferson Airplane enjoying the Summer sun

 HOLY SHIT. I have not posted in over a month, and to be entirely truthful, that scares me. There's so much pressure like "WHAT'S SHE GONNA WRITE NEXT" and "THIS NEXT POST BETTER BE GOOD" so please don't kill me if I'm not my usual Sam-y self.
Whether you'd like to admit it or not, Keith Richards was a total babe back in the day.

  Because I've been gone for so long, I decided to just make a spam post of pictures I've seen lately and update you on my life. I went and saw the Rolling Stones back in June (seems so long ago!) and they were lovely. They came on an hour late but I enjoyed it nonetheless, and it was definitely one of the best concerts I've been to. Ronnie Wood is a cutie patootie, by the way, he looked so short and adorable with his little high tops and skinny jeans. Keith Richards wasn't exactly babelicious but for his age he was definitely out there jamming and having the time of his life with the queen of sass, Mr. Mick Jagger, who changed his outfit every few songs and always wore something covered in sequins. For the encore of "You Can't Always Get What You Want" he wore a big fur cape, which he proceeded to toss to the back of the stage, almost hitting Charlie Watts. Poor old Charlie in the back, never being heavily into drugs or groupies like the best of the band. He seemed so cute in the back, like one of those cute little old men who you see and just go "awwww" to. I felt bad that he wasn't able to showcase more of his talent from the back of the stage.
  I also saw Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters exactly a week ago last Thursday, and in comparison to the other concerts I've seen, it was.... eh. Easily one of the worse shows I've been to. I was thoroughly disappointed because I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't bring myself to sing along to anything. I know Plant isn't in Led Zeppelin anymore, but I'd have liked it if he played more than four or five Zeppelin songs. Half of the songs I didn't know (and I consider myself a pretty decent solo-Plant fan) and the songs that I did know were only in snippets or were to some weird-ass tribal beat. His voice was still there, but his god-like aura definitely wasn't.
Plant used to be a God, what happened?!
  Besides the concerts, I've had a pretty decent summer. I've been working at Dairy Queen and as of now I have $775 dollars in just POCKET money. I might get a bank card so I can shop more often on Etsy and Amazon and I'm considering buying an iPhone with all my new-found dough. But other than working, I haven't been doing anything this summer. I suppose that's better than doing something I don't want to do. Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying your summer and hopefully my next post won't be as boring or long from now! Enjoy ya summer xoxo