Friday, August 30, 2013

Teenage Mermaid

From Rookie

  So I recently dyed my hair pink again, but also added an ombre (ugh, I hate that word) to fade into purple and blue. It didn't turn out quite how I like but it turned out well enough! I feel like a mermaid when I put flower clips in my hair because my hair's gotten longer and it's all rainbow-y sort of and I just love it like crazy. So come take a look at the pictures that inspired me this week! (and some of my face cause I like to take iPod selfies)
Hi I got this snake earring off amazon for 67 CENTS!

Today's theme was Beatles! I love my pins, especially the sparkly Yellow Submarine one.

Blurry iPod shot! my John, Paul, George, & Ringo shirt and new high-waisted Forever 21 sailor shorts!

Marbled Milk by Aaryn West.

Redrock Canyon, Kern County, National Geographic, 1942; via Endless Me.

Via Born to Be Wild; orignal source unknown.
Lake Retba on Cap-Vert in Senegal, via
Photo by Basma Chidiac.

Okay yeah but other than that school sucks and I'm in gym class right now and I want to go home. Have a groovy day peoples