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The Ballad of John & Yoko

  When I was younger, I assumed John Lennon and Yoko Ono were a bunch of freaks. I never gave them any credit for the wonderful ideas and creations they had, and I'm sure enough nowadays they don't get that credit, either. Although I hate choosing favorites, I prefer John's first wife, Cynthia Powell, to Yoko, simply because Yoko was cold to the public and "stole John" from Cynthia. But I realized that Yoko really led John to come out of his shell and not be the "mean Beatle," as he was sometimes viewed. Before Yoko he had hurt Cynthia several times (I don't know the extent of this, I just remember reading about it) and not being the best man he could be. But after he met Yoko, he was much more caring overall and just wanted to be treated as a regular person, rather than man who had just created a band for some money, as he was when he first started the Beatles, then known as the Quarrymen.
  Together, mainly in the late 1960's when John and Yoko's relationship shocked the world, the two created some brilliant art pieces and thinking ideas that they personally believed would help affect the general population and shape the way people think. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and many of these ideas are forgotten. But I've decided to give a few here just to see maybe what it would be like if these ideas were taken more seriously.

"Hammer a Nail"

Yoko Ono's "Hammer a Nail.
  John Lennon and Yoko Ono met on 9 November, 1966 when John Lennon visited the Indica Gallery in London. There, Ono was preparing her first conceptual art exhibit. The two were introduced by the gallery's owner, John Dunbar. Apparently Lennon was intrigued by Yoko's piece titled "Hammer a Nail." The piece was simply a blank wooden board, and the idea was to hammer a nail into it, created the artwork itself. Although the exhibit hadn't officially began yet, Lennon wanted to go ahead and nail a nail in, but Ono stopped him. Supposedly Dunbar then proceeded to say: "Don't you know who this is? He's a millionaire! He might buy it."
   Ono had supposedly not heard of The Beatles, but said that Lennon could hammer a nail if he paid her five shillings. Lennon then replied, "I'll give you an imaginary five shillings and hammer an imaginary nail in."



Whenever I see John and Yoko wearing all white, "Green Onions" by Booker T & the MG's gets stuck in my head.
 After their first meeting, supposedly Ono began telephoning and calling Lennon's home, and when his wife Cynthia asked for an explanation, he explained that Ono was only trying to obtain money for her "avant-garde bullshit." This, of course, was not the case; In May of 1968, while his wife Cynthia was on holiday in Greece, Lennon invited Ono to visit his house. They spent the night recording what would become the Two Virgins  album, after which, he said, they "made love at dawn." When Cynthia returned home, she found Yoko Ono wearing her bathrobe and drinking tea with Lennon who simply said, "Oh, hi."  Ono then became pregnant with Lennon's child in 1968 and miscarried a male child they named John Ono Lennon II on 21 November. This was a few weeks after Lennon's divorce from Cynthia was granted.
   During the last two years of being a Beatle, John Lennon formed a relationship with Yoko Ono and the two began protesting the war in Vietnam. They began to make public appearances and were eventually married on 20 March 1969.
  "Peter Brown called to say/'You can make it OK/You can get married in Gibraltar, near Spain.'" 

Bed-Ins for Peace 


  John and Yoko began their first bed-in for peace as their honeymoon in Amsterdam. They campaigned this week-long "bed-in for peace" as an alternative to going out and creating violence. The idea was that they were non-violently campaigning for peace by staying in bed for a week, and therefore there was no way for them to go out and create violence. The idea of a bed-in is derived from a sit-in, another type of protest in which the protesters remain seated in front of the establishment they are protesting against until their demands are met.
  Since John and Yoko knew their marriage was going to be a huge press event, they decided to use this opportunity to promote world peace. They spent a week from March 25 and 31 at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel lying in their bed and simply "growing their hair." This was both controversial and refreshing because the couple had recently released the nude cover of their Two Virgins album, and so the press expected them to be having sex. Instead, they spent their entire honeymoon sitting in bed, talking about peace, and answering interviews with signs over their bed reading "Hair Peace" and "Bed Peace."
"Drove from Paris to the Amsterdam Hilton/Talking in our beds for a week/The newspapers said, "'Say what you doing in bed?'"/I said, "'We're only trying to get us some peace'"
John and Yoko in one of their bed-in peaceful protests.
  During April 1969, John and Yoko sent acorns to the heads of state in various countries throughout the globe hopes that they would plant them as a symbol of peace. For eight months, the couple was not granted a single visit with any world leader.
"Caught an early plane back to London/Fifty acorns tied in a sack"


  Their second Bed-In was planned to take place in New York, but John was not allowed into the United States due to his 1968 cannabis conviction. Instead they held the event in the Bahamas at the Sheraton Oceanus Hotel, flying there May 24, 1969, but after spending one night in the Bahamian heat, they decided to move to Montreal, Canada.
They flew to Montreal just two days after their arrival to the Bahamas on May 26, where they stayed at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. During their seven day stay, they invited Timothy Leary, Tommy Smothers, Dick Gregory, Murray the K, Al Capp, and others, and all but Al Capp sang on the peace anthem "Give Peace a Chance," which became a well-known both Lennon and hippie classic.


  In December of the same year, John and Yoko spread their messages of peace with billboards reading "WAR IS OVER! If You Want It - Happy Christmas From John and Yoko". These Billboards went up in eleven major world cities, and were known as icons of world peace. (If you've seen my Who I Am post, you'll notice in one of the pictures I have a "WAR IS OVER!" poster.)

The Ballad of John and Yoko

"Paul knew that people were being nasty to John, and he just wanted to make it well for him," said Ono. "Paul has a very brotherly side to him."
  After the events of John and Yoko's marriage and publicly held honeymoon bed-in, the world seemed to view John and Yoko as just another pair of hippies trying to change the world. This wasn't the case, and John desperately needed to get his point across. He wrote "The Ballad of John and Yoko," a three-minute blues-inspired rock song about his relationship with Ono that wasn't really a ballad at all. John was so eager to record the song that he didn't wait for both fellow Beatles Ringo Starr or George Harrison to return back to the studio, as they were both away, and he simply recorded it with just Paul McCartney. McCartney normally played bass guitar and Lennon rhythm, so for them two alone to play the entire song was extraordinary. Lennon did the song's lead vocals, lead guitar, steel-string acoustic guitar, and percussion, while McCartney sang harmony backing vocals, bass guitar, drums, acoustic piano, and maracas. The following exchange was supposedly said in the studio, as Ringo Starr normally played drums while George Harrison played lead guitar:

Lennon (on guitar): "Go a bit faster, Ringo!"
McCartney (on drums): "OK, George!"
  The song overall was a great hit. It became yet another number one song for the Beatles, and was released as the A-side to Harrison's "Old Brown Shoe" in 1969. This song also happened to be the Beatles' last U.K. number one single.

  I hope you've enjoyed my little educational piece; I really love writing them! Perhaps I could be a history textbook writer. :/ Anyways, here's a playlist that reminded me of John & Yoko!

1. "The Ballad of John and Yoko" - The Beatles
2. "Give Peace a Chance" - John Lennon
3. "Sister Golden Hair" - America
4. "Oh! Yoko" - John Lennon
5. "(San Francisco) Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair" - Scott McKenzie
6. "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)" - George Harrison
7. "Green Onions" - Booker T & The MG's (Whenever I see John and Yoko dressed in all white I imagine this song playing.)
8. "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" - The Beatles

Thursday, November 29, 2012

This Will Be, an Everlasting Love..

 In the midst of all their fame, musicians are actually normal people. Although they may act stuck up some of the time, in reality, they were just regular people like us who got caught up in the midst of fame. Along with being normal people, they lead normal lives just like us. This includes falling in love and getting married. Sadly, none of the images below are of couples that are still together today. Unfortunately in the rock and roll world, relationships don't last long. But while we did, these power couples enjoyed their lives to the fullest with the ones they loved.

This may just be my favorite picture of both Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. Although the couple only dated briefly and were never married, they were a powerful folk-rock duo who shook the nation with their meaningful lyrics and powerful voices.

Again, another favorite. This is John Lennon kissing his wife of six years Cynthia Powell. The two had a child together named Julian, but split in 1968 when John left Cynthia for Yoko Ono. Although some may argue that John and Yoko are true loves, I definitely believe John is Cynthia's true love. Just look at how innocently they kiss, like it's their first time!

Again... another favorite. Perhaps all the pictures on this list are. Here are Pattie Boyd and George Harrison, who were married for eight years from early 1966 to 1974. Their marriage split because George's friend Eric Clapton was in love with Pattie and eventually won her over, but Eric and Pattie split in the 80's. George married Olivia Arias and they had a son named Dhani together, and they remained married until George's death exactly eleven years ago today, on November 29, 2001. Even though Pattie and George's marriage split, the two are a timeless couple and a shining example of sixties love. In later years, Pattie said this this in her autobiography, Wonderful Tonight:

Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull are another wonderful example of love in the 1960's. The two split joined together in 1965 and split in 1970 after Faithfull had miscarried Jagger's child and became addicted to cocaine. She had really loved him, and just from looking at this photograph, you can tell he really loved her, too. It's a shame the two didn't stick together.

Here is an example at true love at it's finest: Ringo Starr still loves his bride, Maureen Cox even after she became a mother of three. Although the two's marriage was rocky due to Starr's alcohol problems and Cox's alleged affair with George Harrison, while they were in love, they were in love deep.

Pamela Courson and Jim Morrison are an example of love gone tragic, a rocky relationship with no real ending. The two met in 1965 and stayed together until Morrison's tragic end at just age 27 in 1971. Pamela followed Jim also at age 27 in 1974. The two were never legally married, but being together as long as they did, it's a shame they didn't. They really loved each other, and after Jim's death, Pamela was reportedly heard saying she looked forward to seeing Jim again. She overdosed on heroin, the same way Jim supposedly died.

A couple traditionally left out of the public, Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and wife Maureen Wilson were married on November 9th, 1968. This was shortly before Led Zeppelin's rise to fame, and they had a long marriage until their divorce in 1983. The couple had three children together, and were married much longer than many traditional rock and roll couples.

And where would we be without Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman? Together this couple have changed the views of peace and vegetarianism throughout the decades. Lasting from their marriage in 1969 to Linda's death in 1996 at age 56 from breast cancer. Although Linda's time was cut short, Paul had continued her legacy and kept their love alive. The two have three children together.

1. "If" - Bread
2. "Thank You" - Led Zeppelin (Written by Robert Plant about his wife Maureen, pictured above)
3. "If I Fell" - The Beatles
4. "Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)" - The Beach Boys (Allegedly George Harrison's son Dhani's wedding song when he was married this year to Sola Karadotier.)
5. "Something" - The Beatles (Written about Pattie Boyd by George Harrison)
6. "Oh My Love" - John Lennon
7. "All My Love" - Led Zeppelin (Supposedly written partially about Robert Plant's wife Maureen, but mainly written about his son Karac, who passed away at age five in 1977.)
8. "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)"  - Edison Lighthouse

Who I Am

  I realized yesterday that you guys probably know nothing about me. This is kind of sad, considering I've given you all this information about the music and fashion I love, and yet nothing about the actual me. My name is Sam and I'm fourteen years young, I live on the East coast of the U.S. and am one of the only people I know that is as obsessed with the sixties and seventies like I am. My room is completely decked out in music, books, and posters, as well as other personal belongings that represent the decade. Why don't you have a look yourself?

My bookshelf. I recently emptied it out to fit more personal belongings. The big John Lennon book on the top shelf was originally $30, but my dad snagged it at a sale for only $5. The Beatles over-sized shot glasses on the second shelf were a gift for Christmas, and the Who plate is something I painted at a local pottery place. The shoes on the third shelf are all thrifted with the exception of the saddle shoes, which I purchased at Payless.

Some of my favorite books. They read, from L to R: Clapton by Eric Clapton, The Green Mile by Stephen King, A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, The Beatles 1967-70, Working Class Mystic (About George Harrison) by Gary Tillery, According to the Rolling Stones (by the Stones themselves), Miss O'Dell (A GREAT read, I highly recommend it) by Chris O'Dell, Who I Am (autographed too!) by Pete Townshend, and Wonderful Tonight by Pattie Boyd. The movies read, also from L to R: The Quarrymen, Heathers, A Hard Day's Night, The Monkees Season 2.

The large "Treasures of the Beatles" sign in the center is actually the cover sleeve of a book. Next to that is my Beatles lunchbox, a Bob Dylan poster, and an Abbey Road poster.

My wall of mini posters! Here they all are, from top to bottom, L to R: Jefferson Airplane, the Beatles, Pattie Boyd, the Rolling Stones (Their Satanic Majesties Request), Pete Townshend smashing a guitar, Led Zeppelin, Keith Moon, Pattie Boyd and the Rolling Stones, John and Yoko's 'War is Over' sign, two photographs of my dad and I, a postcard from California, a brochure for the play 'Million Dollar Quartet,' The Beatles, George Harrison, Klaus Voormann, (Below that are the Beatles and the Beatles' Apple logo), The Beatles, two Clockwork Orange posters, A George Harrison card my friend made me, more Beatles, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, MORE Beatles, a brochure for Lez Zeppelin, a great Led Zeppelin cover band, The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, And Beatles, Beatles, Beatles.

The sleeve to Revolver (hung on a coat hanger that I bent myself to make a rack!). Unfortunately I received this from my dad's friend and there was no album inside! I decided to make the best of a bad situation and hang the empty sleeve for decoration.

My mod jacket! The patches are for the Who, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd, and the pins are for the Beatles, Sgt. Pepper, and George Harrison.

My concert tickets (so far!). From top to bottom, L to R: A ticket from the train from London to Liverpool, Ringo Starr and his All-Starr band, two Rolling Stones tickets, Hilary Duff (don't laugh, I was seven!), Who I am interview with Pete Townshend, Ray Manzarek and Robby Kreiger of the Doors, Rain: A tribute to the Beatles, and Lez Zeppelin. Unfortunately by Glimmer Twins, Beatlehjuice, and Who tickets aren't on there! I need a bigger board!

My beloved guitar in front of my Yellow Submarine poster. This guitar is actually over thirty years old; it's my uncles and he gave it to me a few months ago to keep. The strings are original from when it was first purchased, and the guitar was so out of tune when I first received it that I could lift them up about a foot off of the guitar! Luckily, none of the strings snapped when I tuned it and now it plays wonderfully.

A close up of my Abbey Road guitar pick and Yellow Submarine poster.

The Elvis Presley patch on the quilt my grandmother made me.

My Batman guitar my dad gave me for my birthday. It plays absolutely horribly, and the amp to the right of it is no help at all. Hopefully I'll be selling this in order to make some cash to buy a decent one!

More tickers! This is an Abbey Road black and white photograph framed with fake signatures below each Beatle (the tickets are covering them, I'm sorry). The tickets read, from L to R: Rain: A tribute to the Beatles, Lez Zeppelin (I think? Either that or Beatlejuice), and my movie ticket to Moonrise Kingdom. On the left is a postcard I won at the actual Cavern Club in Liverpool! On the right is a brochure from It's Only Rock and Roll, a lovely rock and roll T-shirt store across from the Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker Street in London.

A Beatles poster I received in a book I purchased. Poor Ringo all alone in the left corner!

Another angle of my room. There's my bed, my giant Beatles poster (which is about five feet tall) and more posters, including my Yellow Submarine one (next to my bed) my Quadrophenia one (above my bed), more Beatles, a Woodstock poster, and another angle of the Bob Dylan one. Another Beatles poster is above the Woodstock one, but it's been cut off.

A James Dean poster I purchased in Cape Cod. It's laminated, I love it!

Another angle of my poster wall, showing the Dark Side of the Moon, Paul McCartney, a Ringo Starr interview, and many more.

  Well, I hope you enjoyed my room! To get to know me a little more, I've made a playlist of some of my favorite songs of all time! Hopefully you'll enjoy. :)

1. "Peace Frog" - The Doors
2. "Go All The Way" - The Raspberries
3. "Misty Mountain Hop" - Led Zeppelin
4. "Sexy Sadie" - The Beatles
5. "Sister Golden Hair" - America
6. "Love Grows (Where my Rosemary Goes)" - Edison Lighthouse
7. "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" - Paul McCartney (Although, the Admiral Halsey part is the only part I like)
8. "Happiness is a Warm Gun" - The Beatles
9. "Ramble On" - Led Zeppelin
10. "Twelve Thirty (Young Girls are Coming to the Canyon)" - The Mamas and the Papas
11. "Let's Spend the Night Together" - The Rolling Stones
12. "Pictures of Lily" - The Who

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  The word underrated; What does it mean? My version of the word underrated is something that doesn't get the amount of credit it deserves. In this situation, the object of underrating is a few groups of bands. So here is a list of several bands (Not in any particular order) that don't get the credit they deserve when performing in the musical world.
Note: A lot of these facts are from my head, so don't be upset if they're not 100% accurate!
Also, songs in Italics are featured on the playlist below!

1. Badfinger
Badfinger recording in their studio.
  Perhaps Badfinger's tale is the most tragic on this list. They were a promising British band who's story is sadly never told. They were active from 1968 to 1983, originally formed under the name 'The Iveys' in 1961. Their lineup originally consisted of Pete Ham, Tom Evans, Ron Griffiths, and Mike Gibbins. In January 1968 they were seen by the Beatles' Apple employees Mal Evans and Peter Asher and were eventually invited to become a part of the Beatles' newly formed Apple Corps. After their 1969 release of the song "Come and Get It" (written by Paul McCartney) they agreed to change their names (They were confused with "The Ivy League") and took the Beatles' suggestion of Badfinger, which was an early working title of Lennon–McCartney's "With a Little Help From My Friends," as Lennon had hurt his forefinger on a piano by using only one finger.
  From 1969 through the early 1970's, Badfinger earned great success. They had a number of great hits, including "Without You," "Day After Day," and "No Matter What." When the Beatles split up in April of 1970, Apple Records was failing. Their last album with Apple Records was released in 1972, and they soon joined Warner Bros. Records. In 1974, Badfinger tried to release an album titled 'Head First.' However, Warner Bros. records wouldn't release it. Along with this, their next album was rejected, too. During the early months of 1975, the band spent all their time trying to figure out how to proceed under their unclear legal situation, and salaries were no longer rolling in. This was especially a problem for Pete Ham of the band, as he had just recently bought a  £30,000 house and his girlfriend was expecting a child.
  This is where things turn tragic; On the night of 23 April 1975, Ham received a telephone call telling him that all his money had disappeared. Later that evening he met with Tom Evans from the band and they went to a pub together, Ham drinking ten whiskies. They arrived home at 3 the following morning, and, after Evans left, Pete Ham proceeded to hang himself in the garage studio at only age 27. After this, the band dissolved. A reunion soon followed in 1983 with a few replacement members, but fights broke out. (I'm not too sure about the next sentence but) the new band members wanted a cut of old songs written by Badfinger, and eventually Tom Evans took his own life by hanging himself in the garden of his home in November 1983. It seems that these two deaths were virtually untouched by society, and no one even remembers them happening. I personally believe this band had amazing potential, but were unfortunately caught up in legal matters far beyond their heads. Such a shame the band had to fade away like that, with two members burning out so suddenly.

2. T. Rex
Marc Bolan of T. Rex during their glam rock phase.
  T. Rex is another group that had a tragic ending, although this one wasn't as planned. T. Rex was formed in 1967 during the midst of the psychedelic sixties by singer/songwriter Marc Bolan. They were originally called Tyrannosaurus Rex, and they released four albums under that name, but they changed to T. Rex in the early 1970's when they received a new lineup. Bolan still headed the group, but they now weren't underground. The band T. Rex was the latest in the new glam rock craze, also popularized by Iggy Pop and David Bowie.
T. Rex, fronted by Marc Bolan. Don't know the story about that giant frog on the right though.
  T. Rex enjoyed great success throughout the early to mid-70's, however by the time 1975 rolled around, their popularity declined. Like most great bands, it seemed they were struggling to gain the public's eye. However, when driving on September 16, 1977, Marc's girlfriend Gloria Jones who was driving the car, crashed into a tree. Marc was killed immediately on impact. Tragically, this was the end to the band's struggles, as they broke up immediately after Marc was killed. But such songs like "Bang a Gong (Get It On)," "Ride a White Swan," and "Jeepster" are timeless classics that show us the greatest of the glam rock era, as well as the greatest of Marc Bolan.

A "new" T. Rex song just released in November 2012 called "Childlike Men." Thought I'd share just because of how much I love T. Rex. :) It's just a mix up of other T. Rex songs, but I still love it.

3. The Grass Roots
  The Grass Roots are typically viewed as one of many great sixties groups that had a few hits before slowly fading away. Although the band has been together from 1966 to present day, their sixties tunes are typically what they are most well known for.
Such a psychedelic picture, I love it and the colors! Ah, to live in the sixties!
  The Grass Roots had their first top ten hit in 1967 with "Let's Live For Today," a cover of a 1966 Anglo-Italian song "Piangi con me" by the Rokes. From there, they charted many times with songs such as "Midnight Confessions," their biggest song, charting #5 in the U.S. in 1968, as well as "I'd Wait a Million Years" and "Temptation Eyes."
  I don't know too much about the Grass Roots, but from what I do know, they are incredibly talented. They continued touring up until 2011, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give them a chance. They're just another one of the brilliant yet underrated groups of the 1960's and 70's.

4. Tommy James & The Shondells
Tommy James & The Shondells c. 1967
  Tommy James & The Shondells are an example of a group that is well known for their songs, but not for their name. If someone were to mention Tommy James & The Shondells, no one would have a clue what they were talking about. But songs like "Hanky Panky," "Mony Mony," "Crystal Blue Persuasion," "Crimson and Clover," and  "Mirage" are all bell-ringers for many.
  The band formed in 1959 when the lead singer, Tommy James (then known as Tommy Jackson) was only 12. Then they were called Tom and the Tornadoes, and in 1964 James changed the band's name to Tommy James & The Shondells because the name "sounded good." Later that year, the group recorded a song called "Hanky Panky." This single became forgotten, so the band broke up in 1965. But two years later in 1966, it received extensive airplay and was popular at dances and parties. The world demanded more Tommy James & The Shondells, so they reformed in 1966. From there they enjoyed great success, following "Hanky Panky" with "Mony Mony" in 1968, which was popularly covered by Billy Idol in 1981. The band became very successful; as Wikipedia reads, "as the band embraced the sounds of psychedelia, they were invited to perform at the Woodstock concert but declined." The band stayed together until 1970, when they split up. Unfortunately, there haven't been any reformations and the band doesn't look like it is getting back together.

5. The Turtles
The Turtles, c. mid-sixties.
  The Turtles were originally a surf-rock group formed in 1965 called "The Crossfires." They soon changed their name to "The Tyrtles," a misspelling inspired by both the Beatles and the Byrds. They received their first success in 1965 with a cover of Bob Dylan's "It Ain't Me Babe," and from there, they continued to make wonderful music. Their second single, "Let Me Be," reached the top 30 in the U.S, while their third hit, "You Baby," reached the top 20 in 1966.
A particularly adorable sleeve to their single "Happy Together." I just love this!
  In 1967 "Happy Together" would be released, the band's most well-known song. This single replaced the Beatles' "Penny Lane" at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 during spring of '67. In 1968 their song "Elenore" was also successful. The song itself was a parody of those type of happy-go-lucky pop songs they themselves had been performing, but this included clich√© lyrics such as "Gee, I think you're swell / And you really do me well / You're my pride and joy, et cetera..." (My personally favorite lyrics from the song, such a wonderful example of a parody!)
  The Turtles eventually broke up in 1970, but reformed in 1983 and are still together today. I don't know much about them, but what I do know is that their music was iconic to the 1960's, and "Happy Together" is one of the most famous songs of all time.

1. "Bang a Gong (Get it On)" - T. Rex
2. "No Matter What" - Badfinger
3. "Hanky Panky" - Tommy James & The Shondells
4. "Happy Together" - The Turtles
5. "Midnight Confessions" - The Grass Roots
6. "Ride a White Swan" - T. Rex
7. "Come and Get It" - Badfinger
8. "Mirage" - Tommy James & The Shondells
9. "Elenore" - The Turtles
10. "Live For Today" - The Grass Roots

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Swingin' Sixties

  Yet another one of my sixties themed posts. The sixties were an iconic time for fashion and music, as well as new inspirations and ideas that didn't exist before. I love the sixties more than anything, and I try my hardest to make every one of my outfits based on something sixties-related. Provided below is a playlist of some of my favorite sixties tunes and many sixties songs that I believe define the decade. Note: Most of these images have been used in previous posts; When I post during school hours I'm on my school laptop and don't have too many images to choose from.
Pattie Boyd during the early 1960's modeling outside what I'm assuming is her home?
Sedmikr√°sky, a 1966 Czech film. Called Daisies in English-speaking countries. This movie is seen as iconic for 1960's female fashion and ideas.

Pattie and Jenny Boyd modeling c. 1966.

A lipstick ad from the 1960's. I absolutely love the colors and imagery in this and I believe it shows the need for feminine power during the sixties.
Models for Quant c. 1966. If I'm not mistaken (I don't have my glasses) that may be Twiggy in the center?

One of my absolute favorite 1960's ads, c. 1966-67. I love both the sunglasses and dresses, and the colors are just wonderful!

Mary Quant, probably the most famous fashion designer of the 1960's. She invented the miniskirt and then continued to make iconic mod fashion for both girls and boys.
Peggy Moffitt, one of Mary Quant's most popular models. She is known for her eccentric eye makeup and short, bold haircut. Pattie Boyd is another famous model from Quant.

A video on Quant fashion during the late sixties.
1.  My Generation - The Who
2. No Time - The Guess Who
3. Get Off My Cloud - The Rolling Stones
4. I Dig Everything - David Bowie
5. Friday On My Mind - The EasyBeats
6. All Along the Watchtower - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
7. Light My Fire - The Doors
8. All You Need is Love - The Beatles
9. Itchycoo Park - The Small Faces

Monday, November 26, 2012


Carrie and her gym teacher talking.
  Carrie is one of my absolute favorite movies. I just watched it for maybe the third time yesterday because I recently found the book at a local consignment shop, and I have to say, I love both. Both the imagery and dialogue are incredibly great in both, but in the movie, the soundtrack adds an extra affect. But this movie and book got me thinking... why are people considered ugly? In the movie, Carrie is absolutely beautiful. Of course, she is played by Sissy Spacek, who I personally find adorable, but the character of Carrie in the movie is very likable to me. So what if she isn't too well in gym class? She seemed like a nice girl who just wanted to fit in. (Some of these images may spoil the movie!)
  I've provided a playlist that at first was supposed to be of songs that reminded me of Carrie, but when I couldn't find too many, I just made a list of songs with girls names in the title. Enjoy!
Watch Carrie on Youtube here
  themadmod also has a great Carrie post, I swear I didn't copy her though!
Carrie White and her insane mother, who believes Carrie has sinned simply for getting her time of the month.

Carrie and Tommy, finally happy at prom.
Carrie's insane mother smiling as she is about to kill her.

Songs about girls and their names. Doesn't have much to do with Carrie, but what else can you put on a Carrie playlist?
1. Julia Dream - Pink Floyd
2. Michelle - The Beatles
3. Angie - The Rolling Stones
4. Layla - Derek & The Dominos
5. For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her - Simon & Garfunkel
6. Pictures of Lily - The Who
7. Oh, Yoko! - John Lennon
8. Lady Madonna - The Beatles
9. Jennifer Juniper - Donovan

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pattie Boyd's Appreciation Post.

  Pattie Boyd is one of my favorite people, ever. If you don't know about her, she was born on March 17, 1944 and was a model in the 1960's and early 70's. She was married to George Harrison briefly before also famed musician Eric Clapton seduced her and won her over. They then married, although their marriage soon crumbled due to Eric's drug and alcohol problems. She recently wrote a novel titled Wonderful Tonight on her life.
  I absolutely love Pattie. If you read her book, you'll learn she stayed strong during her troubled marriages to both George and Eric. She is a truly inspirational woman, and she is absolutely beautiful. So here's a dedicated post to Patricia Anne Boyd!

A wonderful collage of Pattie! Unfortunately I don't know who made it..

George Harrison and Pattie on their wedding day in 1966.

Pattie modeling c. 1964.

Pattie modeling c. 1966.

Pattie modeling c. 1964.

Pattie modeling a very fiesty look c. 1969.

Pattie c. 1964.

Pattie and George leaving Tahiti in 1964.

 Songs written about/inspired by Pattie Boyd. For one of the tracks it says it is by George Harrison when it is in fact by the Beatles; 8tracks won't let me post more than two songs by the same artist.

1. Layla - Derek & The Dominos
2. I Need You - The Beatles
3. Bell Bottom Blues - Derek & The Dominos
4. Something - The Beatles
5. Isn't it a Pity - George Harrison
6. Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
7. For You Blue - The Beatles
8. Old Love - Eric Clapton