Monday, November 5, 2012

Mod Fashions You Can Wear Today

  Mods have been around for nearly fifty years, yet their styles and fashions are still around today. Hopefully this article will give you some clue on how to dress like a swinging sixties mod today.

1. Peter Pan Collars
 Peter Pan collars were named after the collar worn by Maude Adams in 1905, when she played Peter Pan. (Pictured below, the first picture.) It is typically round-cornered, although several variations exist. Peter Pan collars gained popularity on women's clothing especially in the 1960's, but is mostly associated with little girl's dresses because of its innocent appeal.

Below: Maude Adams in her Peter Pan costume. (Note the collar!); Two variations of Peter Pan collars used on dresses today.

2. Mondrian Designs
Peter Mondrian was a Dutch painter who painted geometrical designs. In the 1960's his designs were often associated with mod dresses, although Mondrian passed away in 1944. Nowadays Mondrian designs are less often seen on dresses, but variations are sometimes seen on shirts from stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters.
Below (All the way at the bottom: one of the original Mondrian designs; Above that: A similar Mondrian design on a vintage dress.)

3. Paper Dresses
Wikipedia's official page for paper clothing reads "Paper clothing, in the form of women's dresses and other clothes made from disposable cellulose fabric, was a short-lived fashion novelty item in the 1960s United States." Although the page says that these dresses were for novelty purposes, I believe that they served as a basis for many fashion trends from the 60's to come. Twiggy popularly wore dresses of these fashions.
Below: (Two examples of mod-like paper dresses from the 1960's.)

 4. Parkas
  Parkas are heavy coats often worn during cold times. Parkas were typically seen as a fashion article for mod men, although several women in the 1960's wore them as well. You don't see people wearing dark green parkas as often as they did during times when mod fashion was high, but these jackets are a great example of a timeless fashion that if looked for, is still around today. These jackets are not only fashionable but incredibly warm as well!
Below: (Two examples of both vintage and modern parkas being worn by mods.)

5. Dark, Vibrant Eye Makeup
  The most famous example of mod eye makeup would have to be Twiggy. She's seen as a 60's icon in the fashion field as well as her dark, vibrant eye makeup. Unfortunately, this eye makeup style isn't so great for work because it tends to smudge or disappear throughout the day. However, this makeup style is great for parties, and especially for Halloween.
Below: (Twiggy trying out her famous eye makeup, other 60's model Pattie Boyd applying similar styles.)
Twiggy Eye Makeup Tutorial:


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