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How to Dress Glam Rock Today

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  Glam or glitter rock started in the early 1970's when musicians and performers decided to cover themselves in glitter and wear outrageous clothing. David Bowie most famously popularized this, but other musicians that were popular in the glam rock world include T. Rex (more particularly Marc Bolan), Sweet, Roxy Music, and Lou Reed. These musicians dressed up in layers of fabric and flamboyant clothing, often combining stereotypical gender roles so that they appeared as a feminine male or masculine female.
  Many say that glam rock originated from late 60's psychedelic rock and fashions. I personally agree, as late 60's psychedelia and mid-70's glam and glitter rock fashions are quite similar. Both are nearly outrageous, defying the previously set limits and breaking the barriers. So this is why I have provided for you a simple list of tips and ideas on how to make yourself up in more mid-70's glam.

1.) Metallic Fabrics
  When one thinks glitter, they simply can't pass the thought of shiny metallic colors as well. Metallics were popularized by the likes of both Marc Bolan and David Bowie, and such shiny fashions are still seen today.
Metallic Bodycon Skirt
Metallic Moto Jacket
Coated Leggings

2.) Striped/Designed Trousers
  Pants with fun designs across them may seem rather bold for today's fashion. And yes, they are. But if you look around nowadays, a lot of people are wearing leggings with crazy patterns across them. Of course in the 1970's these patterns weren't quite as bold, so if you're going to buy leggings or trousers with patterns on them, make sure they're not as bright or neon and stick to simple stripes or checkered patterns.
Essential Grid Pattern Capris

Metallic Panel Leggings

Metallic Square Leggings
3.) Outrageous Shoes
  Outrageous fashion designs have been around since fashion itself started. But the real beginnings of outrageous shoes began in the 1970's with platforms. Although platform shoes are quite uncommon these days, many variations exist. For example, heels with incredibly high wedges are common in the fashion world today as well as Doc Martens, a popular brand of combat boots. Shoes with glitter are also common in the glam rock world.
Colorblocked Croco Booties

Dr Martens Eye Steel Cap Boot- 

$120.00 (From

Glittered Platform Sandals


4.) Lots and Lots of Gold

  As well as metallic colors, gold is quite dominant in the fashion world. Gold is an item you can very much get away with wearing nowadays, as it's still seen a lot. A gold accessory is a nice touch that can accent almost any outfit and add a little glam to anything.

Pyramid Studs
Geo Cutout Cuff

5.) Bold Blazers

  Blazers are an incredibly popular fashion even today. In the 70's, Marc Bolan was almost famous for wearing colorful, glittery blazers and jackets over his ellaborate outfits. The following blazers may help you as well.

Sequined 3/4 Sleeve Jacket
Bold Peaked Lapel Blazer
Quilted Stitch Bomber Jacket


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