Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pattie Boyd's Appreciation Post.

  Pattie Boyd is one of my favorite people, ever. If you don't know about her, she was born on March 17, 1944 and was a model in the 1960's and early 70's. She was married to George Harrison briefly before also famed musician Eric Clapton seduced her and won her over. They then married, although their marriage soon crumbled due to Eric's drug and alcohol problems. She recently wrote a novel titled Wonderful Tonight on her life.
  I absolutely love Pattie. If you read her book, you'll learn she stayed strong during her troubled marriages to both George and Eric. She is a truly inspirational woman, and she is absolutely beautiful. So here's a dedicated post to Patricia Anne Boyd!

A wonderful collage of Pattie! Unfortunately I don't know who made it..

George Harrison and Pattie on their wedding day in 1966.

Pattie modeling c. 1964.

Pattie modeling c. 1966.

Pattie modeling c. 1964.

Pattie modeling a very fiesty look c. 1969.

Pattie c. 1964.

Pattie and George leaving Tahiti in 1964.

 Songs written about/inspired by Pattie Boyd. For one of the tracks it says it is by George Harrison when it is in fact by the Beatles; 8tracks won't let me post more than two songs by the same artist.

1. Layla - Derek & The Dominos
2. I Need You - The Beatles
3. Bell Bottom Blues - Derek & The Dominos
4. Something - The Beatles
5. Isn't it a Pity - George Harrison
6. Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
7. For You Blue - The Beatles
8. Old Love - Eric Clapton

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