Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Have a Nostalgic Thanksgiving, Everyone.

  If you're American, Thanksgiving is tomorrow. What I don't get about this ridiculous holiday is that us Americans as explorers and pilgrims stormed into the Native American's land and claimed it as our own without even giving consideration to their beliefs, feelings, or the life they'd already started here. We then took everything over and ordered this feast with the Natives, and now every year we hold our own feasts. It's just another excuse for us fat, lazy Americans to eat even more.
  The problems of obesity in America are extreme, although if no one had brought up this issue to us, we wouldn't have even noticed. People on average are much thicker than in other countries, but us Americans don't notice it. Since everyone is a little chunky, we only see what some may consider "large" as "obese." Yet no one tries anything to stop it.
  The government and other people who claim to be active in the world see no problem in the rapidly increasing amount of fast food businesses around the country. They're fine with the people who consider dinner a package of six Burger King whoppers or eight McDonald's Big Macs. They just want kids to go outside and "be active," something which can't be achieved if they're spending all day waiting in line at Wendy's. They also don't have a problem with Thanksgiving, another stupid American holiday used simply so we can pig out even more.
The stereotypical gender role of a woman being forced to prepare the turkey for dinner still exists today. Wowza!
  I know my previous post was about candy and may seem a little hypocritical, but I simply don't understand why we eat on Thanksgiving. Because our forefathers did it? No, that's just stupid. Every year on Thanksgiving my family piles over to my uncle's house and they all feast on turkey and artificial cranberry sauce. Since I'm the only vegetarian in the family, I mostly sulk in the corner shoving breaded rolls down my throat. It is literally the only healthy vegetarian option they offer, and it isn't even all that healthy. They all make fun of me for it, which I don't understand. I'm making a choice I agree with, so why should they all judge? Yet another one of the pleasures of Thanksgiving with the family.
Thanksgiving c. 1960. Today, the awkward family being forced together for one feast a year tradition still exists. I love how we choose to continue one of the many American traditions of eating.

The face of a happy teen while she thinks of Thanksgiving with the family.
Teens c. 1970 in their fall apparel. It's a shame that nowadays if I wore any of these outfits, I'd get stoned. And not the good kind.
Why can't Thanksgiving be like this? I want ice cream instead of turkey. Bleh.

The Thanksgiving of my dreams: Toast and butter.

Songs about Thanksgiving, thanking, and giving, as well as how us Americans are just plain stupid and hypocritical. All of these songs remind me of Thanksgiving in one way or another, even though they may make no sense to you whatsoever. Enjoy, I guess.

1. Smile Away - Paul McCartney
2. Mother's Little Helper - The Rolling Stones
3. Stay With Me - The Faces
4. Miss O'Dell - George Harrison
5. Autumn Almanac - The Kinks
6. Thank You - Led Zeppelin
7. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da - The Beatles
8. Soul Kitchen - The Doors
9. Mr. Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan
10. Let's Live For Today - The Grass Roots

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