Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Young Americans

  How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Good? Well, excellent. I despise Thanksgiving with a burning passion, but if you had a good one, well, good for you. I'm typing this back on a Tuesday (we had Monday off because the teachers had some meeting or something like that, so it feels like a Monday to me but in all actuality it is a Tuesday morning), in my homeroom, cringing at the obnoxious females that occupy the space next to me. It's one thing to be annoyingly giggly and loud and rude and stuck up, but do you really have to do it next to me? No. The answer is no. 
  Sorry I'm so grumpy, I just hate this stupid American lifestyle. Thanksgiving, see your family, pretend you're thankful because some Native Americans and some pilgrims supposedly had a feast together (although the real history of Thanksgiving is rather gruesome, I'd highly suggest looking into it). I just think it's all pretty stupid. Around this time last year I was longing to be back in London. And this year, I feel the same exact way. I'd do anything to be back in Liverpool though.. 
  All throughout the few days off they gave my school for Thanksgiving "break" I was on my laptop looking up plane ticket prices. I want to run away to Liverpool, be free.. unfortunately though, that cannot be a reality for several reasons...
  1. Some airlines won't let me fly alone without parental permission due to my age
  2. The only way to purchase a ticket for a flight is online through my debit card, which I'm sure my parents could easily track
  3. It's kind of expensive for a ticket, which I don't really mind, but most of my money is in the bank, and in order to take that money out, I need parental permission
  4. I'd have to convert all my dollars to pounds, essentially losing value
  5. I'd have nowhere to stay and so I'd have to pay for a hotel, losing even more money
  6. I couldn't get a job because I'm an immigrant, so I'd have to apply for a work visa
  7. All this complicated crap
  The point is, I can't run away to Liverpool, and that makes me sad. Looks like I'm stuck being a young American. 

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  1. I feel ya, gurl. Get through high school and maybe you'll get to Oxford!! but remember, all that glitters is not gold.