Sunday, February 17, 2013

She's a Mod, She's a Mod, She's a Mod, yeah yeah yeah

I found this at a thrift shop for 99 cents. What a find!

My Valentine's Day outfit. Sweater: Delia's; Skirt: Vintage; Tights: Thrifted; Boots: Thrifted

The necklace that my lovely girlfriend sent for Valentine's Day!

Hair is slightly blonder but not quite blonde enough!

$3 mini sweater found at a thrift shop from the 70's.

My life-size Robert Plant and Jimmy Page posters that took FOREVER to make

Sent from my girlfriend, d'aww

ALL MY PINS! (Well some fell off but thats most of them) I made the Jimmy Page and David Bowie ones on the left and the Cherie Curie one on the right.

Recent Obsessions:

Check out this guy's sweet moves! He's known as the "modfather," king of the mods. And check out the bass player in the top left!

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