Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun, Fun, Fun 'Till Daddy Toom the T-Bird Away

You know its gonna be a good day when a package looking like this arrives in the mail.

So I ordered a bag off Tessa's LOVELY etsy and I was super psyched when it finally came in the mail! Shipping from Texas to Boston took a while and I was getting worried the package would never come. But when I came home from work I found this GIANT box covered in doodles on my counter and I squealed with delight.

Tessa has adorable handwriting and she wrote me an adorable sticker-filled note about how to be careful with the zipper on my bag. And she told me "you rule!" Confidence boost? Aha, YES.

There was a little bag of goodies inside which included stickers, a ring, pins, and various other little knick knacks. 

The bag itself! It's a dream, it looks brand new. I can't wait to use it for school next year!
  Other than getting this AMAZING bag, my week's been going pretty well. I get to see the Rolling Stones tomorrow night in Boston (AAHAHHAHHAHHHHHHHH!), have already bought out the front row to see a Led Zeppelin all-girl cover band called Lez Zeppelin (Whom I LOOOVE, if you ever see them coming to your city PLEASE go see them, I saw them last summer and they were phenomenal) and my dad just surprised me with Beach Boy tickets in Cape Cod so I'm SOOO happy! Looks like this summer will be concert-filled, too! Happy Tuesday everybody, enjoy your day. :)

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  1. ahhhh! I'm so thrilled you like the bag and goodies <3

    THE ROLLING STONES???? AND THE BEACH BOYS??? You are one lucky duck. I saw the Beach Boys last year and it was the best night of my life! Have fun! Take pictures! and try to get backstage!

  2. That bag is amazing! I can't believe you got to see The Rolling Stones! *screams internaly* you're so lucky! And to see Lez Zeppelin as well. They are so amazing and Led Zeppelin are my favourite band of all time. I love this post and your blog



  3. the rolling stones omg! I am so jealous... please make a post and tell us all about it :)