Monday, June 3, 2013

I Bless the Rains Down in Africa..

My favorite picture ever: Paul McCartney last week visiting Elvis' grave in Graceland and placing a guitar pick on it. 
Okay so this picture refuses to be rotated so there's my Jimmy Page pin! The lighting is horrible but I made it myself and I'm proud.

  Motivation seems to be something I lack constantly. For me, the last day of school is June 24th, and I'm counting down the days. 21 more, that means three weeks exactly. I have physics testing tomorrow and Wednesday though, so I'm dreading the next week. But besides that, things are going a bit better. I smoked pot for the first time this weekend, so.. yeah, that's new. I'm praying I don't become one of those people who talks about it constantly. But already trying a bit of it makes me feel a whole lot more connected to the musicians of the sixties and seventies that I love and adore.
  Besides that, nothing really has been going on. I'm stressing over projects and finals, I worked seven hours straight yesterday (11-6), and I'm just really tired and sore right now, I guess. A lot of various images and thoughts have been swirling in my mind. I'm obsessed with Monty Python's Flying Circus right now, which has really helped me focus on schoolwork. (Can you sense my sarcasm..? Heh, I'm hilarious, I know.) The Beatles are an ever-growing obsession point in my mind once more, which is also grand, as listening to music makes it difficult for me to focus as well. I'm also loving this guy who makes super cool soap box cars. OH! and I have my Rolling Stones concert in NINE days. NINE! Super psyched about that. Okay yeah keep calm carry on blah blah blah xxx


So yeah that's life, enjoy some songs I've been obsessing over lately:

  1. "MacArthur Park" by Richard Harris
  2. "Wild Thing" by The Troggs
  3. "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley
  4. "The Rover" by Led Zeppelin
  5. "All of My Friends Were There" by The Kinks
  6. "Doom and Gloom" by the Rolling Stones
  7. "Africa" by Toto

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  1. Ugh, don't become one of those people who constantly talk about their pot-smoking and antics, it gets old so fast. That's cool though. I'd try it someday, but I want to wait until I'm in the right mindset.

    I can't wait for school to end either though, omg. I guess it's different because I'm graduating, but it's always an exciting time of the year.

    Peace & love, hip cat.