Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sam's Current Obsessions: #1 - Monty Python's Flying Circus

  What can I say about Monty Python's Flying Circus? It paved the way for most sketch comedy shows, like Saturday Night Live and Mad TV, as well as plenty of others. It is one of my personal favorite shows of all time. And the brilliant thing is, despite it not being played on television anymore, every episode is available on YouTube, for FREE! (something which is very rare these days.) Don't know what Monty Python is? Well let me explain!

  Monty Python were a British comedy group that started way back when in good ol' 1969. They eventually landed their own TV show, a fantastic thing called Monty Python's Flying Circus. The show was full of strange comedy sketches that often made little sense until the punchline. And they were fucking HILARIOUS.
  The group consisted of Eric Idle, John Cleese, Graham Chapman (which is possibly the most British name ever), Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin. Together, they were the Pythons!
  If you're not big into British humor, you probably won't be a big fan of the show or their style of comedy. But since I am, I find these men the funniest. Half of the time they would end their sketches with a police man or some sort of hilariously ridiculous pun or punchline that made you scratch your head in question but still laugh your ass off. They were brilliant, and I feel like the Pythons were essential to modern comedy as we know it. Like take a look at this "Self-defense against fruit" sketch, probably a ridiculously silly concept, but hilariously executed.


Or if that doesn't tickle your funny bone, try watching the classic "Dead Parrot" sketch, one of my personal favorites.

Then check out the Lumberjack song, from which the Dead Parrot sketch segways into (pay attention to the "what about my parrot?!" heard in the background, it always leaves me dying laughing)
(check out the original Lumberjack Song here)

The Spam sketch always makes me crack up. I think it's so funny, it could very well be the funniest sketch in my opinion. 

And of course, I couldn't forget the ministry of silly walks:

  There are so many other sketches I could have posted, and all are classics. I hope you enjoyed my current obsession, the wonderfully funny Pythons. :)

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