Friday, August 8, 2014

Fluorescent Adolescent

  Hello lovelies! I've finally gotten my school computer back so I'm available to post again and it feels amazing! This time the filter is unblocked so I can post pictures from my Tumblr and make 8Tracks playlists again! Let me know how all of your summers were/are going down in the comments below. This summer has been wild! I've become the ultimate stoner clich√©, smoking pot with my friends from work after every evening shift and coming home in a mellow daze. I haven't been drinking that much, but I did do something wild that was on my bucket list- shrooms. I honestly have to recommend them as a 10/10 experience because they were heavenly. Not that I recommend drug use, kids- but my body felt light and my mind was at ease. They were amazing. 
  Today is actually nice out; most of this summer it's been raining. Don't get me wrong, I love late-night summer thunderstorms- but when it rains all day, there isn't much to do. Not that I do much anyway, besides working and whatnot. Anyway, I've made a pinterest, so you can all follow me at sgtpepperrigby! I've created a lovely mental health board that I think will help those of you who suffer from depression, anxiety attacks, bipolar, or anything else I've posted about. Also, I've opened at Etsy shop! You can find me here at Spookysprinkles. Come buy my crap! Anyway, here's a bunch of pictures that I've been adoring. Enjoy, lovelies!


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