Monday, September 1, 2014

Down on Jollity Farm

  Hello lovelies! Today is the first of September, I'm heading back to school, and.. school sucks so far. I've only been going for three days now, but they've been a long, dreadful three days, I can assure you. Anyway, today I went to the local organic farm and I took a TON of pictures, so here you go!

They had the cutest albino bunnies for sale! Some of them were HUGE- bigger than house cats!

They don't look that big, but they were MASSIVE.
Just chilling.

These pigs were MASSIVE! But so cute

This momma pig must have weighed at least 350 lbs. She was the biggest animal I've
seen in such a long time.

I love how homemade this farm was.. the dresser had someone's childhood stickers on it! 
The barnyard cat, named Lucky.


This turtle was in the middle of the road- I got out of my car to help
him cross! Later I found out he was a snapping turtle.. yikes!

Well I had a fun day, I hope you all did too! Be sure to check out my newly-opened Etsy here. Until next time, xox!

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