Saturday, March 8, 2014

Edible Nostalgia

  Hey everyone! I've decided to part from my typical sixties/seventies-related whatnot today and focus on the late eighties and nineties. Being nearly 16 years of age, I unfortunately wasn't around for most of the nineties. It's something that I take great shame in. Lately I have been fascinated with the idea of products that were once on the market but were taken off, like Ecto Cooler, Crystal Pepsi, and Wonder Ball candy. Some of these things I had the opportunity to try before they were taken off the market, but for most, they remain a thing of the past. So today I decided to post a little about some nostalgic products, and I would really appreciate if some of you would comment on them if you remember them! Woo, you excited? I know I am.

Ecto Cooler from Hi-C, 1987-2001

  Ecto Cooler was a collaboration between the juice (if you even wanna call it that, haha) company Hi-C and the Ghostbusters franchise, who had just created a kid's TV show called The Real Ghostbusters. I was alive in 2001, but I was too young for Hi-C. A bunch of other orangey flavors of Hi-C were created that either supposedly tasted like the original Ecto Cooler flavor, or were the same flavor but with a different name that appealed to younger children as Ghostbusters became outdated. The only flavor of Hi-C that is orange-related whatsoever is called Orange Lavaburst, and many people on the internet have claimed it tastes very similar to Ecto Cooler. Because I've never had the original flavor, I can't compare whether or not it tastes like the original. However, it's delicious, regardless of being Ecto-esque or not. So I really do recommend Orange Lavaburst.

Ecto Cooler Commercial

Crystal Pepsi from Pepsi Co, 1992-1993

  Okay, I am obsessed with Crystal Pepsi. It may be because one of my favorite reviewers is obsessed,
or maybe just the general hype that surrounds it. The story is that the Pepsi company decided to try their hand at a clear soda, which supposedly tasted like the normal Pepsi flavor, but with a slight twist. I've seen many posts online, and every one says that it tastes like Pepsi but with a variation. I've seen citrus, lemon/lime, and even pixie sticks. Of course, I could never tell you, considering I was negative five years old when this product was taken off the market. I've been dying to find some online (they have original unopened bottles on Ebay, but they go for around 100 bucks), but it's hard to find the original. Oh! Back to the story. People generally didn't like the idea of a clear soda that wasn't entirely lemon/lime flavored, and Crystal Pepsi was soon taken off of the market. Initial sales were good ($474 million) but they eventually fell. Coca Cola tried to join in with the clear soda craze with Tab Clear, but that wasn't successful, either. So, Crystal Pepsi was pulled, which is a real shame because it sounds delightful. I've only hear positive reviews of Crystal Pepsi. Maybe someday they'll decide to reprise it.

Crystal Pepsi Commercial

Magic Middles from Keebler, sometime in the 1980s

I can't find the specific dates of when Magic Middles reigned, but they definitely look like kings. Just look at those gooey centers! From Keebler, one of my favorite companies, these shortbread cookies had a variety of yummy centers hidden inside. Chocolate seems the most delicious. And this commercial really sells them too. I was searching the internet for more information on Magic Middles, and look what I saw:

Could it be? Could Magic Middles be back...?! Next time Sam checks her local Walmart, we'll see for sure.

Magic Middles Commercial

Orbitz from Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation, 1997

Orbitz is one of the more obscure products on this list, as its market period lasted from 1997 until... 1997. That's a bit tragic, isn't it? Sometimes joked as edible lava lamps, Orbitz were fruity soda flavors with gelatin blubs floating around in them. Definitely sounds appealing. It's available online in the original bottles if you want to find it, but based on some reviews, it was disgusting in 1997, and it's even more disgusting today.

Orbitz Commercial 

Wonder Ball from Nestlé, discontinued in 1997

Wonder Ball candies where hollow chocolate balls with toys inside. After the toys were found as choking hazards for stupid children who couldn't read that there were freaking toys inside, the candies were discontinued in 1997. However, in 2000, the Wonder Balls came back, with candies inside. These I did have a chance to try, and I remember loving them throughout my childhood. Unfortunately these have been discontinued as well.

Wonder Ball commercial (from the newer ones with candy inside)

What's your favorite nostalgic food or drink? Leave a comment below of your favorites, or if you have any discontinued products you'd like me to check out maybe for a later review. Thank you so much for reading!

With love, Sam xx

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  1. oh my god i totally remember the wonder balls! they were the coolest!