Saturday, March 1, 2014

In Like a Lion..

   We all know that in like a lion, out like a lamb cliché for the month of March. And with the upcoming snow storms soon to hit New England, I'm pretty sure to say that the weather is very lion-esque. Even though the weather's pretty disgusting (whoever says they like snow is a liar), I feel pretty calm, almost like the lamb side of this month. I've been shopping online like crazy the past few weeks, trying to find clothes that will remind me of summer. As ridiculous as it sounds, the aspects of pale and pastel have been on my mind, too. It seems that I've slowly started to calm down for once.

  I know that picture montage didn't really have a point, I just thought I'd share the lovely images that have inspired me this past month. I've also been listening to a lot of Gotye, Klaatu, and Wes Anderson soundtracks. I can't wait to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, Anderson's latest movie, which comes out this month! I guess I'm just in a Wes Anderson mood, really. His films like Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums have unforgettable soundtracks, and Moonrise Kingdom, my first Wes Anderson film, left a strong impact on me. I guess I'm just excited to know more Wes is coming!

  Have a lovely month of March xx

  1. "I'm Not Saying" by Nico
  2. "The Wind" by Cat Stevens
  3. "2000 Man" by The Rolling Stones
  4. "Life on Mars?" by David Bowie
  5. "Stranger" by the Kinks
  6. "Time of the Season for Loving" by the Zombies
  7. "Play With Fire" by the Rolling Stones
  8. "Ooh La La" by the Faces

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