Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Day in the Life

  Hello lovelies! It's about 50°F here, something that it hasn't been in months. I'm awfully sick of this groggy New England weather. As I'm typing this post, the sun is shining through my window, and I can't help humming "Here Comes the Sun." That song has never seemed to apply better in any other situation. The fact that sunbeams are gleaming through the glass beside me just fills me with longing for summer. Everything seems better in the summer, doesn't it? To go along with this wonderful mood the warmth of the sun has brought me, I decided I'd show you guys an update of my room, as it's just been cleaned and I kind of want to show it off, heh. So here is Sam's room, as of March 2014!

Look how clean that carpet is! There's my Abbey Road blanket draped over my chair, my life-sized Jimmy Page and Robert Plant (out of frame), my Woodstock, Who, and Pink Floyd posters, and my old acoustic in the corner.

I still have these faux-polaroids hanging and I love them! From L to R: Pattie Boyd, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, a record player, and Friar Park. On my desk are Miss O'Dell by Chris O'Dell and Wonderful Tonight by Pattie Boyd, two of my favorite books which I highly recommend!

Here's my still slightly messy desk. My record player is in that red and tan box so it doesn't collect dust. There's my Dexter calendar in the background, along with all of my concert tickets. And yes, that is Pattie Boyd and the Rolling Stones peeking out of the bottom left corner!

My lava lamp! I purchased this from Newbury Comics a while back, but only light it when I'm in the happiest of moods. Again, there's my Dexter calendar, along with a bunch of various Beatle memorabilia. 

Took a break from my room pictures to show off my Hi-C Orange Lavaburst! Read this post if you want to know why I love this junk so badly. 

My guitar corner! The one in the corner, named Bruce is my Batman one which I've been dying to sell on Craigslist, although no one will buy it. :( The one on the left is named Blackie after Eric Clapton's, and the acoustic is Harrison.

A bunch of junk! The lollipop earrings I just purchased the other day from SugarPopPartyShop, and I'm in love with them! The bat ones I bought a while ago. I made the Beatles earrings, Clockwork Orange, and David Bowie pins, and the rest with the exception of the one right below the Beatles earrings are from Newbury Comics. Tessa made the exception. The British flag necklace was purchased in London.

My bookshelf! I'll start with the top and make my way down. Those Beatles shot glasses were a gift from a friend a few Christmases ago. Some books on the second shelf include Who I Am by Pete Townshend, The Green Mile by Stephen King, and a collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories. Also there's a few flower crowns I made, a hand-painted Who plate I made, and the Beatles' anthology set. 

The bass guitar I painted by hand to look like George Harrison's Rocky and bag I purchased from Tessa!

  Unfortunately 8Tracks, the website I make playlists on, is blocked once again. Will this school make up their mind already? So I'll have to make a manual playlist this time, I guess. Cue cliché title:

Here Comes the Sun

A playlist about the happiness springtime brings

Hope you enjoyed my finally clean room! I'd love to hear from you all, so comments and suggestions would be lovely! Until next time, I'm Sam xx

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  1. your room is so cute- especially love the earrings and pins laid out <3