Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'll Never Be Your Beast of Burden


 And it's sure been a cold, cold winter
And the wind ain't been blowin' from the south
It's sure been a cold, cold winter
And the light of love is all burned out

  As the winter season passes, I find that by looking out by window, the world moves both more slowly and quickly than normal. It moves quickly because it's the holidays and everyone is always rushing. It seems December in general rushes by, as people are trying so desperately hard to grab all the presents for their friends and relatives that they can, leaving themselves broke. But December and winter in general go by slowly, too.. it's always cold here in Massachusetts and soon snow will be falling. The trees are bare and leaves clutter the ground, and the sky is always dark and grim.
  I used to appreciate snow a lot as a kid; hell, anything that's fun to play in and may get me out of class is worth a try. But now I absolutely despise it. It's cold, wet, mushy, gets in your shoes, and is nearly impossible to walk in. I do love how glistening snow may look on the ground around Christmas Eve-time, but the next morning, I want the substance to be ridden of.


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