Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just a Little Weird Sometimes

  I find that everyone I meet has a little quirkiness to them or a weird side of them that they don't necessarily show to the public. They bottle this "weirdness" up inside and don't like to show it off because they're afraid of other people not liking the real them. But this weirdness is a good thing, and it shows how much a person cares. This weirdness could be having an obsession that they love about a TV show or band (I know half of Tumblr follows this rule, including me) or a secret hobby that they don't like to show. It could be the things they decorate their room with sometimes or the clothes they wear when their friends from school aren't around. Whatever it is, some form of weirdness dominates us all.
  I think my own weirdness shows through the music I listen to, the clothing I wear, and the way I decorate my room. Just a year or two ago, my room was this dull, drab pink, with posters my friends had given me of Eminem and Harry Potter plastered all over my walls. Harry Potter is obviously an exception, but that was back when I just listened to music that was played on the radio for me and dressed the way all the other girls in school dressed. I was just another teen doing what everybody else did, and I hated it.
  Then I rebelled, letting my inner weirdness take over. I started dressing however I wanted at the end of eighth grade and beginning of freshman year and started listening to the kind of music I liked, which happened to be classic rock. I started letting others know that I liked this music as well, as opposed to bottling my musical taste up like I did throughout most of the eighth grade. I wore band shirts and changed my computer and phone wallpapers to musicians I liked, and soon a few of my friends started to say that they liked my music, too. I took down the posters and hung up new ones of the Beatles, Woodstock, and other bands/music that I liked, and decorated the room with lava lamps and beads hanging from the doorway (which eventually got very annoying, so I had to take them down).
  Maybe you all will enjoy a little more weirdness in my room; so here it is, a few knickknacks from around my room that show who I really am.

My tin Beatles lunchbox that got too noisy and clangy to carry around everywhere. It didn't fit in my bag, so I stopped using it in seventh grade. Hard to believe I had a Beatles lunchbox in the seventh grade and barely knew who they were!

My lava lamp, a picture of my neighbor and I in one of those electric cars made for kids, a little bear figurine standing on its head that my friend who moved to Germany sent me, a miniature waterfall that broke that my dad gave me for Christmas, a mini clog that the same German friend sent, a small painting from Jamaica, and behind that, the hardcover to a Beatles book I received for Christmas.

The head of my old Sequoia guitar that I no longer play because it sounds absolutely dreadful and some bumblebee stickers.

This crazy Elvis purse my friend gave me. It's made out of a high heel!

Oh, remember that time when I was seven and I met Hilary and Hayley Duff?
I love this; Purchased in Cape Cod, a mini figurine of a dachshund in its best Hawaiian gear.
The old bag my grandmother gave me that I now use as a book-bag for school. I used some of my dad's house paint and painted the RAF roundel (or more commonly known as the 'mod symbol' by me) on it, and now I feel like a real mod!

My Quadrophenia poster, which I love love love! It even compares the film to A Clockwork Orange, another favorite of mine!

  1. "Honey Pie" by The Beatles
  2. "Hurdy Gurdy" by Donovan
  3. "I'm in Love With the Ooo-Ooo Man" by The G.T.O.'s
  4. "People Are Strange" by The Doors
  5. "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" by The Kinks
  6. "Strange Magic" by Electric Light Orchestra
  7. "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" by Bob Dylan
  8.  "Wild World" by Cat Stevens
  9.  "Victoria" by The Kinks
  10. "The Captain's Fat Theresa Shows" by The G.T.O.'s
  11. "Baby You're a Rich Man" by The Beatles
  12. "D'yer Mak'er" by Led Zeppelin

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