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All I Got to Be is to, Be Happy! (Dedication to the Ever-Lovely George Harrison)

The ever-heavenly Friar Park, former home of George Harrison.
  Last year was when I really started my Beatles obsession. I had known the Beatles before and had actually a large liking of songs like "Hey Jude" and "A Day in the Life," but I hardly knew anything else. This all changed when I heard "She Loves You"- it was like I was being transported into another time when things were simpler and the music was happier. As I'd learn, the 60's weren't all fun and games, but that didn't stop me from my obsession.
A (terribly put together) panorama of my room from about three or so months ago. It's missing a few guitars, but the band-obsessed point definitely gets across.
  At first, my favorite Beatle was Paul McCartney. Ah, Mr. McCharmly, the "cute" Beatle. When I first started my plunge into Beatlemania, I didn't know too many of the Beatles' personalities. I just knew that Paul was cute and in my opinion was the best singer vocally, and most of his songs were upbeat and catchy. In my books at the time, that instantly meant favorite.
Who couldn't love that face? ;)
  As time went on, I started to look more into the Beatles themselves, and not just as a band. I soon took a liking to George Harrison, the awkward and shy guitarist with a liking for Indian meditation. I instantly connected to him (I call last year my "finding myself year," I looked for a lot spiritually and discovered a lot about myself.) and realized George was my favorite.
And who couldn't love this face, either? ;)
  My Beatles obsession instantly branched into my likings of other bands, but it all started with the "originals."Since I loved George so dearly last year, my iPod consisted mainly of Beatles songs and his solo career. But as time went on, my iPod erased many, so I had to re-save songs, sadly skipping over many George classics. I still loved him, believe me- I just forgot about many of his songs.
George Harrison c. 1968 is seriously the most underrated George ever. I mean, look at his hair! He looks DEVASTATINGLY handsome, mmm mmm mmm.
  Last night I stumbled upon George's solo career again, and believe me, I've fallen in love. I've decided not to include a playlist for today because 8tracks only lets you upload two songs per artist, and there is a minimum of 8 tracks total. So I decided I could just recommend some for you! Okay, here we go. (Warning: This is mainly going to be me rambling. Enter at your own risk!)

Each Rating is out of TEN stars. 

  1. "My Sweet Lord" from All Things Must Pass, 1970 ★ 10/10 (What a pure CLASSIC this song is. It was George's first #1 hit when he went solo, and it's easy to see why. I could go on and on about this song but I won't- you'll simply have to listen to its beautiful acoustic guitar, backing vocals, and passionate lead vocals by George. Passion in what you're singing is so sexy- guys, take note from this!)
  2. "Awaiting On You All" from All Things Must Pass, 1970 ★ 10/10 There is a slowed down version which I love, and the album version is good, too- but the best is by far the live one. This song is just George saying that the lord is awaiting on everyone to give up their material possessions and just chant, which would lead to being "free." Although I'm not religious, this tune seriously kicks ASS.)
  3. "The Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let it Roll)" from All Things Must Pass, 1970 ★ 10/10 This was my favorite George song for nearly a year. His guitar work is so light and airy, a thing common in tons of solo George songs, and it really makes you feel calm and cloud-like.)
  4. "Run of the Mill" from All Things Must Pass, 1970 ★ 7/10 (This song is just.. cute. I don't know how else to describe it but cute. It's slow and calm and full of plenty of instrumentation often featured in typical 70's songs, but something about this makes it much better. I highly recommend the demo version as well, it's even cuter.)
  5. "Apple Scruffs" from All Things Must Pass, 1970 ★ 7/10 (This song was written about the Apple Scruffs- a group of girls who loved the Beatles and hung outside of their Apple Corps. and Apple Studios when they were recording. It's a simple ditty, and is full of harmonica and campy-style guitar, which I happen to love. Also- this song makes me CRAVE apple pie. Just thought I'd share that, heh.) 
  6. "Wah-Wah" from All Things Must Pass, 1970 ★ 10/10 (This is the most kick ass song, EVER. And I mean EVER! It starts off with this great guitar riff, which just leads into more and more instruments building up, and it's all done so damn LOUD! I fucking love it. Plus it's about John and Paul blabbing and giving George a headache. Revenge is sweet, and often times makes AMAZING songs.)
  7. "Isn't it a Pity" from All Things Must Pass, 1970 ★ 7/10 (This song was written about George's love with Pattie Boyd, and I think it's absolutely beautiful. That is all.)
  8. "Don't Let Me Wait Too Long" from Living in the Material World, 1973  /10(This song is just.. cute. But a different type of cute from "Run of the Mill." This song is more upbeat, and a lot happier. Plus it's SUPER catchy.)
  9. "Try Some, Buy Some" from Living in the Material World, 1973 ★ 7/10 (This song is so light and calm and airy and just pretty- but lyrically, it lacks, so hence, the 7.)
  10. "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)" from Living in the Material World, 1973 ★ 9/10 (This was George's second #1 hit, and one of the first songs I learned to play on guitar, along with "My Sweet Lord." It's very happy and calm, but just lacks the passion I think "My Sweet Lord" did.)
  11. "Miss O'Dell" from Living in the Material World, 1973 ★ 8/10 (If you haven't read Miss O'Dell by Chris O'Dell, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! That's all I have to say. Read the book to find out why I like this song, Mwahahah.)
  12. "Ding Dong, Ding Dong" from Dark Horse, 1974 ★  /10 (This is a novelty song, of course- but it is my absolute favorite to listen to on New Year's Eve. Why? Because it's one of the very few New Years songs there actually are! I luuuurve it.)
  13. "So Sad" from Dark Horse, 1974 ★ 7/10(This is the only song we know of written about George and Pattie's breakup, and, since you all know about my extreme Pattie Boyd love, it means I love this song too. The lyrics are great until the boring chorus- hence the 7.)
  14. "The Answer's at The End" from Extra Texture! (Read All About It), 1975  /10 (Sadly, this is the only song on this flop of an album I actually like. This is a slower song, but it's so beautiful, and its message is lovely. I recommend this song highly as well.)
  15. "Beautiful Girl" from Thirty Three & 1/3, 1976 8/10 (This was written about George's second wife, Olivia. I love this song so dearly, please Georgie, write something like this about me...? :)
  16. "Blow Away" from George Harrison, 1979 8/10(This is one of those songs that just sounds cheesy, but is so cute and upbeat and lovable. You have to listen to it. Plus the music video features a giant rubber duck!)
  17. "Love Comes to Everyone" from George Harrison, 1979 ★  9/10 (I really love this song. Since it's from 1979 its starting to build up to the cheesiness of the 80's, but it's still super cute and I just love it so much.)
  18. "Got My Mind Set On You" from Cloud Nine, 1987  10/10 (After a very long hiatus, George came back with this, his final #1 hit. Although the lyrics are from another song and are kind of creatively lacking, this song will get stuck in your head for DAYS. And you will love every second of it.) 
  19. "When We Was Fab" from Cloud Nine, 1987  8/10 (This song.. I don't know how to describe it. It's dark, yet upbeat. Take a listen yourself, I guess..?)
  20. "This is Love" from Cloud Nine, 1987  9/10 (This is the ultimate 80's love song. I love it so so so much, I wanna squeeze it and shower it in kisses.)

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  1. oh I really, really love this post! I can relate to your feelings about George so much! He's definitely my favourite beatle and he helped me a lot with becoming who I am and basically with being happy! I've had his albums on repeat the past few days!