Thursday, April 11, 2013

Straaaaange Brew. ♥

  For the past few days, I've been blabbing on about nonsense having to do with summer. Although it's a few months away, the recent spurts of warm air have made me feel much closer to summer, and therefore, I've just been in an overall happier mood.
  However, it was raining last night, and now everything is wet outside. It's also still slightly dark and gloomy (but that may be because it's still very early in the morning), and the air is sticky with post-rain humidity. Basically, its gross out. If your day is just like mine, you probably feel just as gross as I do. I've actually taken the liberty to dress lazily, something that is rare for me, simply because it is so gross out. But fear not! I have decided to make this blog post jam-packed with color and nostalgic memories of summers past. So kick back, put your feet up on your desk, and just relax. And hopefully enjoy my post. :)
Let's start off with Salvation Mountain. Salvation Mountain is basically a gigantic installation of art in Calipatria, California made from adobe and a ton of paint. The reason it is called "salvation" is because several murals and areas are painted with both Bible verses and Christian sayings. Even if you're not religious like me, I have a pretty good feeling that you'll enjoy simply looking at the beauty of such a lovely art creation. The colors are spectacular, the painting is spot-on- but unfortunately, since it is an art installation, its having a little trouble standing up to its natural surroundings. Many people who come like to donate paint and help touch up the wonderful sight. I've made it a personal goal to visit here before I die.

I think Salvation Mountain is suuuuper groovy, and I want to visit here sooo badly. Anyone wanna steal a van and travel cross country to California with me..? *No one raises their hand* ...Okay! Just me, then. Anyways, enjoy more summer stuff, and my super duper playlist. Enjoy!

Roger Waters & his girl, a sunflower fabric I love, and the 1978 alternate cover to "Who Are You" by The Who.

  Unfortunately my internet usage is being monitored, and I am not allowed to make playlists anymore. But fear not! Check out my 8tracks (itsamodmodworld) for plenty of previously- made playlists. Last but not least, enjoy my lazily put together outfit today!

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