Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

  I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by http://roseandvintage.blogspot.com/ (Thank you, by the way) and I really have no introduction so here we go.

The rules are:
1) Thank the person that gave you the award.
2) Include a link to their blog.
3) Select 15 blogs to nominate for the award.
4) Tell the person who nominated you and your readers 7 things about yourself.

Here goes:

  1) I am currently in popular music class and am comparing Beethoven and Syd Barrett's madness for a music project. Fun, right?
  2) I can never seem to decide if I want to stand out or blend in. I certainly do not fit in, due to my love of all things vintage compared the majority of my school's love of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, but it'd be nice to physically blend into the crowd. My pink hair makes that a little hard though, heh.
  3.) I am not a mod nor a rocker; I simply choose the mod lifestyle over that of a rocker because I can relate to it more fashionably, musically, and culturally. 
  4.) I am completely and utterly OBSESSED with Pattie Boyd, to the point where I even want to look like her (but I mean, who doesn't?) but I gave that up and dyed my hair pink.
  5.) My dream job when I'm older would be to work as a disc jockey for a radio station or a graphic designer, but my backup plan would be a music history teacher.
  6.) I'm actually terrified of losing some of my artistic talent, and I always have that fearful feeling of people being better than me at things that I love.
  7.) I actually don't own a lot of vintage clothing (well more than the average person, duh), but I guess my love of old-fashioned things has made it seem like everything I wear is right from the sixties.

  This is actually pathetic but I don't think I can come up with fifteen blogs, so I'll post/nominate as many as I can manage:


  1. Congratulations on receiving The Versatile Blogger Award, Sam! I also want to thank you for choosing to follow my blog. I deeply appreciate your friendship and support. Happy Tuesday to you, my friend!

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination, Sam!

    Peace & love, stay hip