Monday, May 13, 2013

This is Ground Control to Major Tom

  Lately early glam and late sixties psychedelia has been sparking my interest. As you can tell by a few of my previous posts, David Bowie is a huge inspiration to both me and glam. His love of all things glitter and lunar have helped me in my quest to find a style of fashion that represents both me and my interests. Overall, my point is that David Bowie is both inspirational musically and fashionably.
Just LOOK how groovy this chick is. And her dog is super cute, too.
  But this post wasn't made to focus on David Bowie. Instead, it was made to focus on outer space and all things having to do with it- the moon, the stars, and the sun. I've loved outer space ever since I was a kid and I watched Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders. In the film Shaggy falls for this groovy girl named Crystal, a hippie photographer who wears seriously some of the coolest clothes ever. I can't believe I'm saying this but SPOILER ALERT she's an alien that was sent to Earth after Earth sent space signals in the late sixties. She arrived a little late, however, and therefore, her outdated clothing meant to originally "fit in" with the hippie scene. I recently watched this film again (I was REALLY bored, don't judge) and to be honest, I couldn't watch the entire thing without boring myself. Of course, I am one that requires multi-tasking in order to stay awake, but I just remember it being a whole lot better when I was a kid... which of course, is true with pretty much everything. But yes, I liked space a lot, is the point.

Groovy Outer Space Playlist:
  1. "Space Oddity" by David Bowie (As well as "Starman" and "I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spaceship"
  2. "2000 Light Years From Home" by The Rolling Stones
  3. "Across the Universe" by The Beatles 
  4. "Here Come the Warm Jets" by Brian Eno
  5. "How Many More Times" by Led Zeppelin (The song itself isn't space-related but guitar riff about thirty five seconds into it just reminds me of a journey into outer space. Just listen and tell me you disagree.)
  6. "Supersonic Rocket Ship" by The Kinks
  7. "Space Cowboy" by The Steve Miller Band
  8. "The Galaxy Song" by Eric Idle/Monty Python
  9. "Space Truckin'" by Deep Purple
  10. "Mambo Sun" by T. Rex
  11. "Satellite of Love" by Lou Reed

And just in case you dig outer space as much as I do, here's some fun links you can check out.
The Prelinger Archives A collection of old films that are completely FREE to use and are legally in the public domain. 



  1. Hi, Sam! I hope you had a nice weekend. I sincerely wish you had been born as I was circa 1950, because you would have had a blast coming of age in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Interest in astronomy blossomed during the 50s. My parents bought me a telescope and I spent many nights on my rooftop star gazing. There was a proliferation of science fiction horror movies during the 50s, warning of invaders from Mars that would eat your face or worse. At the age of three I started going to those movies with my brother every weekend and saw hundreds of them by the end of the decade. Dr. Carl Sagan, pictured in your post today, was a hero of mine. Tonight Show host Johnny Carson was an astronomy buff and invited Sagan on the show many times to discuss the latest theories on the origin of the universe and related topics. As I hinted in my comment on your previous post, Bowie was a big influence on me as well. After producing the 11 o'clock newscast one night at the TV station where I worked I stood with the crew and watched spellbound as The Midnight Special presented Bowie's epic "1980 Floor Show." I also owned several of Bowie's albums: Space Oddity, Man Who Sold the World, Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Alladin Sane and a couple others. It was a great time to be young, Sam, and I genuinely wish you had been there to enjoy it as it was all unfolding. Have a nice, day, my friend!

  2. I am also totally into everything groovy and out of this world! I was definitely born in the wrong era! Great post! Now following you! Hope you will check out my blog too if you get the chance :)

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