Monday, March 11, 2013

Color Me Crazy

  Although I've made a color-themed post before, I thought I'd make another because I don't think the old one lived up to my standards. However, I've included the same color-themed playlist that I did the previous color post.
  So, to simply put it, here are a few various people, patterns, and images of color-related things from the 1950's, 60's, and 70's.

Pattie Boyd, unknown, George Harrison

Twiggy, unknown, Pattie Boyd and George Harrison

All unknown

Unknown, David Bowie, Robert Plant

Miss Pamela, unknown, unknown
Unknown, unknown, Brigitte Bardot

Unknown, the GTO's, Unknown

Unknown, Friar Park, unknown

  1. Behind Blue Eyes by The Who
  2. Green Onions by Booker T & the MG's
  3. Sister Golden Hair by America
  4. For You Blue by the Beatles
  5. Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones
  6. Blue Sunday by the Doors
  7. Black Dog by Led Zeppelin
  8. Baby Blue by Badfinger
  9. Yellow Submarine by the Beatles
  10. She's a Rainbow by the Rolling Stones

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