Monday, March 11, 2013

Movie Review Monday

  Now welcome to movie review Monday, a new element of my blog I would like to create. In said element, I will be reviewing and commenting on all the movies I've seen since the last post, as well as a few timeless classics. Now since this is the first one, I am going to be picking a few films that I saw a while ago, as well as a few I saw recently. Enjoy.

1. Marie Antoinette (2006)

Rating: 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆

  As a kid, I had this strange fascination with princesses and royal figures of past times. Perhaps I was a dark kid, because Marie Antoinette and the guillotine were my favorite. Coincidentally, around the time I began this obsession, the 2006 film "Marie Antoinette" staring Kristen Dunst had just been released. Now, being of the age I was, I didn't see this film due to the sex (which didn't really happen a lot in this movie, I just knew I couldn't watch PG-13 movies at that age so I didn't see it) as well as the mature themes. No third grader would understand this plot or history.
Living the dream.
  I found the film to be brilliant, ranging in ravish and expensively-decorated parlors to the bright and Edward Scissorhands-esque colors of the fields and countryside. I love the costumes, I love the makeup, and I love the actors. Marianne Faithfull even makes an appearance as Marie Antoinette's mother, Maria Theresa. But my favorite part of this movie has to be how it takes place in the mid-late 1700's, yet the soundtrack is full of modern hits. It's like a strange, exotic time where old traditions take place with a modern soundtrack, although this film is trying to be historic rather than science fiction. Overall, if you're a history or princess nerd like I am, this film is brilliant will definitely quench your thirst.
Definitely my favorite song from the film:

2. Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995)

Rating: 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆

  The ultimate outcast film, Welcome to the Dollhouse is the story of Dawn Wieners, (and yes, she is played by Anne Hathway's best friend in The Princess Diaries)  a shy and unpopular seventh grader battling her days through middle school. Dawn doesn't have any friends except for 5th grader Ralphy, with whom she shares a homemade clubhouse in her backyard. She is constantly surrounded by nuisances, like her nerdy older brother Mark or her spoiled ballerina younger sister Missy. Dawn's parents hardly pay attention to her, much like anyone else. She is the constant butt of every joke, the victim to every locker vandalism, and the cruel turnout to a deranged suburban life.

Ah, Dawn Wieners, my spirit animal.
  That all changes one day when Brandon McCarthy, a bully who has almost as much trouble socializing as Dawn does, threatens to rape her. Through numerous attempts, he pulls her aside after class, keeping up with his threats. Eventually he does get Dawn alone, though all they do is kiss before he runs back home. To add to Dawn's relationship trouble, Steve Rodgers, an older boy in Mark's band catches Dawn's eye. Although she is much younger than Steve, she hears Steve will "basically fuck anybody" and acquires hope. This obviously fails, and along with many other various situations, Dawn is always on the short end of the stick. If you were ever an outcast or a loner, you can relate to this dark comedic masterpiece and Dawn Wieners. It's seriously brilliant, and a wonderful example of how all movies don't need to be glamorized.

3. Groupie Girl (1970)

Rating: 7/10 ★★★★★★★☆

The opening credits are on a psychedelic-painted tour bus, with groovy cheesy music playing in the background. You can already tell its a good movie!

  I'm going to start this off by saying Groupie Girl is not for everyone. It had nudity and sex, so it's not for those of you who aren't into films with that. It's also from 1970, so for those of you who don't like cliche 70's terms and vintage underground bands. I personally liked this film a lot, but that's only because I love the 70's and the groupie scene quite a lot.
The only thing that sucks about this movie is the band members Sally hooks up with aren't even cute! There's even a flamboyant Mick Jagger character, but he definitely isn't close to the real thing.
  This isn't a well-known film, so don't be surprised if no one you know hasn't heard of this film. The film itself is about a groupie named Sally and her experiences dating various band members. Although she is treated like crap by these band members, she somehow always sticks around. This movie has a very cheesy 70’s feel, but it made me cry at parts because of how brilliant it is. If you're one of those girls who is always saying "I wish I could have dated a bandmember in the 60's/70's!", this film will make you rethink your choices with its dramatic climax.
The ending to this movie makes you rethink your entire decisions about being a band member fangirl.

4. But I'm a Cheerleader (1999)

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★

  I must start this review by saying I love this film like no other. If you are a feminist or any other type of person seeking equality, you will definitely relate to this film. That being said, this is a lesbian film, so if you're not interested in watching girl-on-girl scenes, you might not like it.
  But I'm a Cheerleader is about Megan Bloomfield, an apparently happy heterosexual high school cheerleader. However, her friends and family are convinced that she is a homosexual (Because she becomes a vegetarian, of all reasons) and arrange an intervention, sending her to a residential inpatient conversion therapy camp to cure her lesbianism. There Megan soon realizes that she is indeed a lesbian and, despite the therapy, gradually comes to embrace her sexual orientation, while falling for one of the fellow patients.
Just look at the house Megan has to stay in! Filled with the ultimate feminine stereotype of exaggeration and pinks.
  This whole film is based off of a story about a young woman finding her sexual identity to explore the social construction of gender roles. The costume and set design of the film highlighted these themes using artificial textures in intense blues and pinks. I think the costume designs incredibly enhanced the film and made it much more fun to watch the stereotypes of both women and men. Although most of these stereotypes are exaggerated, I highly praise this film, and the love story it creates is incredibly intense. I highly recommend this film.
This film is filled with cheesy qualities, but all on purpose. One of my favorites is the vibrant "true directions" cake.

  1. "I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow
  2. "Laisse Tomber les Fills" by France Gall
  3. "Groupie Girl (It Doesn't Matter What You Do" by Opal Butterfly
  4. "There's No Business Like Show Business" by Mary Hopkin
  5. "Les Sucettes" by France Gall
  6. "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" by The Kinks
  7. "Stay With Me" by the Faces
  8. "Outsider" by The Ramones

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