Thursday, March 14, 2013

Home Sweet Plumpton Place

    Within the past year, I've had a sudden fascination with the English Countryside and tiny villages in England. As much as I loved London (as you can see in the previous post), I would much prefer a quiet country life to a roaring city scene. With the English Countryside, I not only get the beauty of England, but also a calm, surreal setting where the sky is blue and the grass is green. I think anyone with a sense of sanity would prefer the wide open plains in comparison to the smell of exhaust and city smoke.
  In London, everyone smoked. I'd be walking behind someone and a blaze of cigarette would swirl through the air, hitting me right smack in the face. It wasn't a pleasant feeling whatsoever, and I would much rather see the sky than a cloud of smug. Just take a look at the pictures below and tell me it doesn't look beautiful?

  Beautiful, right?

  Going along with the theme of the English Countryside, I thought I'd provide you with several pictures of my favorite English musician's homes. Two of my favorites are the beautiful Plumpton Place, Jimmy Page's former home, and the lush Friar Park, former home of George Harrison. Plumpton Place is my favorite of the two simply because of how subtle its beauty is, whereas Friar Park is gigantic and is almost a little overwhelming. Just take a look for yourself. First is Friar Park.

Friar Park

Plumpton Place

  Although some/most of these images are blurry, I hope you could understand and appreciate the beauty of England and its wonderful musicians' homes. So below I've provided some songs that remind me of a calm summer place, preferably Friar Park or Plumpton Place.

  1. Pisces Apple Lady by Leon Russell
  2. For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield
  3. Twelve Thirty (Young Girls are Coming to the Canyon) by The Mamas and the Papas
  4. Beware of Darkness by George Harrison
  5. Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Monkees
  6. Tangerine by Led Zeppelin
  7. Let it Down by George Harrison
  8. Long Long Long by The Beatles
  9. Dancing Days by Led Zeppelin
  10. Goodbye by Mary Hopkin


  1. Sam thats a beautiful countryside........excellent work, pls keep it up.

    best wishes Emily

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