Tuesday, March 12, 2013

London & Liverpool

  After looking through my old Facebook photos, I realized I never showed you precious readers pictures from my photos from my visit to England this past October. My father and I stayed in London, and on our second day of the trip, we visited Liverpool for The Magical Mystery Tour, decked out with post-Beatlemania delight. Overall, it was a wonderful holiday, and I wish more than anything to return to Liverpool. London was a little too glamorous and expensive for me, but Liverpool provided the perfect amount of both nostalgia and wanderlust. If you're a Beatles or traveling fan like I am, Liverpool is a must-visit city.


  Upon arriving in London, it was nearly freezing (mainly due to the October air) and of course, I forgot my heavy peacoat back at home. My father and I took a bus tour around the city where we visited the Tower of London, Big Ben, The London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and various other locations. Of course, we didn't go in any of these (except for the Tower of London), but instead took pictures out front.
Standing outside a famous red telephone booth. Look at me with my newly home-bleached hair! I thought I was the shit.

In front of Buckingham Palace. And no, we weren't fortunate enough to see the changing of the guards.

The London Bridge!

Nice forced smile there, Sam! And nice hair, its obvious my roots are lighter than the rest of my hair. That's what happens when you bleach unevenly!

In front of a cathedral whose name I am currently blanking on!

And yet again, that sarcastic smirk and the overly bleached top. Big Ben.

Abbey Road! Although I must say, it wasn't as sunny as the 1969 album cover, which was quite a disappointment.


The Beatles shop on Mathew Street. It was filled with every Beatlemaniac's dream, although I couldn't afford it due to the dramatic differ between dollars and pounds.

Inside the Yellow Submarine part of the Beatles Story exhibit.
More Yellow Submarine!

Very proud of this photo (it's one of the few I took instead of my dad). It's of the Magical Mystery Tour bus. This photo is actually taken on Penny Lane!

The Cavern Club on Mathew Street. Such a great view inside, unfortunately it was too dark inside, and if I used flash, I would distract that band that was performing (the Cave Dwellers, I think?).

My dad's goofy grin on the spiraling staircase down to the Cavern Club.

Strawberry Fields (forever)! I was surprised at how small the gates are in real life. I'm only 4'11", and I was nearly as tall as them! Plus they're very subtle in the Liverpudlian cobblestone.

My dad posing in front of the Mersey.

Me on Albert Dock, standing in front of the actual Yellow Submarine hotel! (it's on a mini boat, must be so cool!)

  1. "Magical Mystery Tour" by The Beatles
  2. "London Calling" by The Clash
  3. "The Village Green Preservation Society" by The Kinks
  4. "Penny Lane" by The Beatles
  5. "Winter" by The Rolling Stones
  6. "Autumn Almanac" by The Kinks
  7. "Itchycoo Park" by The Small Faces
  8. "Street Fighting Man" by The Rolling Stones

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